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6 Things A Cheating Partner Will Do That You’re Likely To Miss

Here are six signs of cheating you’d most likely miss in a smooth partner

They Stop Inviting You Out To Events
It could be that when things were rosy, you go out with your partner regularly but all that suddenly changed with them going out several nights a week without you under the guise of meeting with clients and co-workers.

If you’re been excluded from social gatherings that require their spouses to be present, it is a pretty good sign of cheating.

They Become Angry
Volatility and a sudden show of anger like never before could be an indication that someone outside is catching their fancy.

Perhaps your partner has a sense of guilt for their cheating ways but they are unable to tell you and their anger is an unconscious way for them to keep the secret safe by blaming you for their outbursts.

Their Phone Passcode Changes
You may have known for long what the passcode to your partners phone is but when you grab it out of curiosity, you Suddenly realise that they’ve changed it.

This is a major red flag as it shows that they suddenly have things they don’t want you to see or know about. You may want to take a closer look, especially of they are doing a number of other things we’ve mentioned in this article.

They Bring New Sexual Styles To The Bedroom
This is one thing that is obvious that a lot of people tend to overlook. New Sexual Styles in the bedroom is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

Except you and your partner discovered new styles, positions or techniques, if your partner demands for something new or does something entirely different from what they’re used to in the bedroom, cheating may be in the offing.

They Pick Up A Vice And Start To Avoid You
If your partner suddenly picks up a bad habit such as drinking, gambling or smoking, it maybe the guilt of their actions are beginning to seep out as destructive habits as a way of fueling their anger and numbing the pain.

A combination of vices and cheating will most likely lead to lots of arguments, accusations and hangovers.

Pay attention to their vices as it an abnormal change in behaviour, an irregularities may help you catch them in their cheating ways, not their words or empty promises.

They Start Getting More Concerned About Their Bodies
It’s always a good thing for your partner to pay attention to their body but when they start doing it more than they’ve done in the past, they have some questions to answer.

Physical fitness and good hygiene is healthy, but it becomes a problem when your partner becomes obsessed and is always trying to show off their bodies which may be a sign that they are more fascinated by their body than they are about keeping your relationship.

Lastly, trust your intuition and don’t be quick to judgement. Gather all your facts as you sit quietly and analyse the situation you’re in as objectively as possible.

Be neutral and analyse their actions with all the points we’ve raised above and listen to your inner voice for an answer. You will surely get clarity.